Tuesday, July 14, 2009

From Harvey Milk to Michael Jackson

I was finally able to finish watching "Milk" and the most arising thought that came to mind throughout, by recognizing this enormous victory Harvey Milk achieved in his last few years of life is that to form a peaceful revolution, where people join together to give voice to a common 'loving' goal is, above all, a semi-safe ground.
His foundation started from a neighborhood, but not any neighborhood, THE neighborhood where it could all begin. To all uneasiness going on in the world, to achieve a peaceful revolution and to battle with each voice, that's exactly what we need more than anything else, a semi-safe ground. This is the determining point to raise into a peaceful agreement of any sorts. From only the semi-safe ground, we can enthuse peaceful revolution through thought provoking ideals...
Looking back to the peaceful Portuguese Revolution of April 25th 1974 I recognize the semi-safe ground where it all began, in the midst of a fearful dictatorship regime, the semi-safe ground was the radio, that was the determining subject of formation of the peaceful revolution.
The other day I was reading comments about the situation of the conflict between the Uyghur, the state Chinese Police and the Han Chinese residents, and the comments were coming from a Muslim source saying that if this conflict would have been in Tibet, that many celebrities would rise against. And although that was a very bitter comment, I understand why so many would raise against a conflict in Tibet, clearly because their leader has firmly conducted a peaceful protest, something admirable and easy to move many, while unfortunately the same cannot be said about Muslim groups till date.
I would propose to the World, in the common interest of settling conflict to create a semi-safe ground, where each party can have a peaceful protest and inspire or not the public, and settle issues in a peaceful manner.
Another thought that came to mind in the last moments of the movie, reminded me a little of MJ, I admit to have been truly shocked with MJ's untimely death and although I feel honored to have lived during the generation when he made a big difference in the World, I can't help but feeling that we didn't give enough, that he gave us far more than we allowed him to receive.
In this time and age is it really too much to ACCEPT anyone the likes of MJ, his physical appearance changes, his life choices, his vulnerability? I made a stand to myself and have decided to not allow small journalism to come through my television and my internet, I have decided to never again purchase a gossip magazine and nowadays most people are raising awareness to each and everything, like global warming and the whales and the animals for human consumption, so what if we stop buying gossip magazines, they are butchers too, they make people, no matter how much famous they are, be on show, encaged in their talent. Let's stop paparazzi, let's stop small journalism, let's stop gossip makers. How low can our society really get? Having pleasure on reading the dirt - these are people's lives we're talking about...
And as a last thought, I firmly believe that your life eventually will resume on how many people attend you funeral, who they are, what will they say about you, how will you have touched them with your legacy of life. And then you'll see your greatness...
Love you Harvey Milk. Love you Michael Jackson.

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