Wednesday, February 25, 2009

When Women Ruled Society...

Yesterday I was watching an interesting documentary about the first native Americans, they were suspected to be Mongolians from Siberia but they have found some skulls older than the ice age that have negroid characteristics most commonly found in East Southern Africa, South Asia and Australia. The only population remains of that era can be found in Tierra del Fuego, an island forming the Southern end tip of South America and according to records of an expedition made to this part of the world in the 30’s they could match the way of daily life and dance rituals performed with the ancient rock paintings where the skulls were found…
Now, what interested me most was that, while the scientists were investigating and matching the way of life of this tribe, with the records from the 30’s and interviews with what seems to be the last 2 women from the same descent, they mentioned a tribal dance that only men were allowed to know about and the reason behind it was that there was a time in a very distant past when women ruled society. So the women should never know, lest the man loose their grip on power. And they mentioned that the same legend is common among aboriginal tribes in Australia.

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  1. now this is something new!...i have to do some research on the aborigines and see how they're living under the women.must be interesting!